Start FREE testing in 8 minutes: Remote worker Wellbeing, Stress & Engagement 


The Remote Worker FREE Test will show you who needs a virtual hug and how employees are responding to key company decisions, actions, or lack thereof

010-1 burnout hist

8 minutes to start measuring the wellbeing of your remote team:

(for Self-hosted Solutions proceed with Step 1 and request instructions)


Step 1: Download Yva Remote Manager's Guide (1 min)
Step 2: Connect G Suite or MS Office 365 (1 min)

Step 3: Invite your team members (6 min)


What will I get?

WFH COMPLETE REPORTS. An analyst will be provided to help you create the following reports within 48 hours of creation of data:


  • Remote work effects on Total Employees as a correlative index
  • Remote work effects on Work from Home and Work from Office employees
  • Remote work effects on Gender
  • Remote work effects by Department
  • Remote work effects by Age
  • Remote work effects by Employee Tenure
  • Remote work effects on Office location / Country / Region
  • Remote work effects on traditional WFH employees
  • List: Top 50 most costly employees to replace
  • Decision making impact: 10 critical company events in the last year
010-2 burnout timeline

CHANGE INDEX. Yva will show you how any group of employees, such as women, engineers, long tenured, British, millennials or other correlates to internal changes like new leader appointments, external influences, and major decisions like selling a line of business or buying another company.


NATURAL LEADERS. 3% of your company population controls 80% of all employees. Yva will automatically identify your 3% informal leaders. These leaders are critical as you transition to a significant remote workforce arrangement.


SMART 360. A 360 feedback loop that automatically asks employees just 1 or 2 multiple choice questions each week about co-workers chosen by communication pattern identification, basically who you interact with the most. This is a lightweight way to keep your employees thinking about each other during the virus transition, as well as get a personal development dashboard that they know nobody else can see.


What hypothesis can I test?


  • How many employees did the remote work turn from positive to negative?
  • How many employees did the remote work turn from apathetic to negative?
  • Can we look back at major company decisions and “see how we did?” (Spoiler: Yes)
    • In 5 year+ In Office workers, how are they responding to working from home?
    • "When we made that huge decision last August to [_________], did it really have a negative impact on women under 40 like we believe?" Can this index prove or disprove that?


    • Can I identify which 3% of informal leaders are followed by 80% of my company?
    • Which leaders are “stepping up” during the current period?
    • Which managers are natural born remote employee managers?  Can we look before and after the work from home recommendation and track it?
    • Can Yva identify the top 50 most costly employees to replace?

SMART 360 hypothesis

  • Is it true that employees which receive micro-feedback are less likely to be burned out?
  • Is it true that most of the employees would prefer weekly 60-second weekly feedback instead of 2 hour annual feedback?
  • Is it true that employees will self-coach and self-improve based on weekly 360 feedback?
  • Is it true that an intelligent system can better select 360 participants than the employee him/her self?

How will I address concerns about the privacy?

Yva respects employee privacy. It’s the Employee who controls Yva data:


1. Each employee decides whether or not to give Yva rights to analyze his/her passive data. As a barometer of opt-in, Yva generates more opt-ins than traditional engagement surveys. Users mention the access to their personal improvement dashboard as the “why”.


2. Each employee decides whether or not to share those anonymized dashboards with the company and managers. It’s ok not to share. However, most employees share aggregated anonymized data with the company to help the company become a better place to work.


  • Yva does not analyze the content of emails (for future products, this option is available, but only with the employee’s permission).
  • Yva private cloud option is behind the corporate firewall and 100% isolated from the internet.
  • Yva is 100% GDPR compliant.

Is the Remote Worker Test free?

  • Yes, if you have received a formal proposal from Yva confirming you are qualified for a FREE Pilot Deployment. Typically you will get a 3 month FREE license for all 3 solutions: Retention, Informal Leadership and Smart 360 (unless otherwise specified in the formal proposal).
  • The Self-hosted Deployment might be free or paid depending on the amount of employees connected, collaboration tools, and whether you have chosen a private or public cloud (please refer to your formal proposal form Yva).

What are the legal terms? Security and Compliance Overview


Security and trust page

What corporate collaboration tools can we connect?

  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • MS Teams
  • Slack
  • Jira
  • IBM Notes
  • other sources


How long does it take to get results?

Day #


Who is in charge

Day 1

Step 1: You have created your free Yva account.

Step 2: You have connected the sources (G-Suite, Office 365, Slack, etc.)


Your company  system administrator


Step 3: You have invited your employees to Active and Passive Feedback. 


See sample Introductory email to employees

Your company CHRO/CEO

Day 1-5 (may take more time depending on amount  of data) analyzes the 12-18 months historical data Platform

Day 5

Burnout Predictions are complete Platform

Day 10

Yva delivers full assessment

Yva  / Your System Admin

Day 2-30

Employee micro-surveys (active feedback) Dashboards are up and running Platform

What metadata is used to build the model?

  • Who sends the message
  • Who receives the message
  • The Graph of recipients (hierarchy structure, internal/external recipients, etc.)
  • Time gap between reply or if reply
  • Structure of morning messages
  • Structure of daytime messages
  • Structure of evening messages
  • Structure of weekday messages
  • Structure of weekend messages
  • Some other non-content related metadata


With the default deployment Yva analyzes metadata only and does NOT read the message content including the subject line, but rather counts the # characters only. For advanced clients, Yva can be allowed to analyze the content for advanced features, say informal leadership analytics, employee-manager fit, customer experience (CX).