Yva.ai Technical Support Policy


Yva.ai Base Subscription

Starts at 25 licenses

Public Cloud deployment only 

Yva.ai Premium Subscription

Starts at 100 licenses



Yva.ai Enterprise Subscription

Starts at 1000 licenses



General Email support

+ + +

Self-help Resources

+ + +
Deployment and Onboarding assistance via Dedicated Technical Manager + +
Phone Support to Customer's Named Contacts $3,000/year per 1 Named Contact $3,000/year per 1 Named Contact
Yva insight 60-page report 4 (four) 60-page reports upon requests FOR FREE 1 (one) 60-page report upon request FOR FREE

Hours of Availability

Business days 9 am - 6 pm PT Business days 9 am - 6 pm PT Business days 9 am - 6 pm PT
Initial response time 48 business hours 24 business hours 24 business hours
1 hour Webinar employees (100 employees max) FREE FREE

1 hour Executive training (10 executives max)




Covered Issues

Yva.ai technical support includes:

  • assistance on deployment Yva.ai on any of the operating systems listed in the System Requirements for the product;
  • license questions;
  • using the functionality described in the product documentation.

Yva.ai technical support services do not include any of the following:
  • general computer or networking education;
  • coding or creation of custom modules or solutions;
  • using or configuring third-party products;
  • HR or employee management questions.