Supplier Diversity Policy


At, Inc. we recognize the value diversity brings to our employees, clients and communities around us. The goal of Yva Supplier Diversity Program is to make every possible effort to include small diversity businesses in our purchasing process.


Qualifying suppliers must meet business size criteria established by the Small Business Administration, and include enterprises across the following categories:

  •       Women-owned businesses
  •       Veteran-owned businesses
  •       Service-disabled veteran-owned businesses
  •       LGBT-owned businesses
  •       Disadvantaged businesses
  •       Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) businesses
  •       Minority-owned and other small businesses


Categories of goods and services we purchase include, but are not limited to:

  •       Facilities (e.g. construction, maintenance, repair, painting, lighting, cleaning, supplies)
  •       Office services (e.g. flowers, gifts, catering, meetings & events)
  •       Marketing (e.g. creative, photo/video, promotional services)


We aim to reach our program goals by:

  •       Seeking and continuously expanding our network of small diverse business vendors
  •       Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of our supplier diversity efforts, Inc is committed to development of a diverse U.S. supplier base. We encourage all employees to be inclusive in their daily business decisions when selecting the best supplier to meet our business needs.