Submitting to

Employee Burnout encourages the submission of articles on the topics of employee wellbeing, occupational burnout, attrition and retention. We write for HR professionals and managers, so please keep this audience in mind when pitching your article. We recommend the articles to be no greater than 1,000 words and we welcome the use of images and videos to illustrate the text. 

We also accept shorter and less formal submissions that provide opinion relevant to any of the above-mentioned topics and expanded commentary on any of recent article published on The op-eds and commentary should be accessible and of interest to our target audience. Please note, we offer no remuneration for submissions.

Submission Requirements                           

Articles for submission must be previously unpublished and in English. It is important that you have rights to the text. If you don’t have the text ready and wonder whether your article is appropriate for, please submit article thesis and structure. We will review it and come back to you shortly. 

All articles will be reviewed and the authors will be notified about the decision in a reasonable time. The decision of the editorial board is final. In sending work to Employee Burnout for possible publication, the submitter attests that the work is original and that he or she is the author, that it has not been published, and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

There may be minor changes to the article to adhere to house style, Employee Burnout  reserves the right to make final decisions in all cases that do not affect the content. 

Submission Guidelines

The article should be prepared according to the following guidelines:


(1) The length of articles is normally no greater than 1,000 words but should not exceed 2,000 words, including an abstract and notes.

(2) At the beginning of the article, the title, abstract and a list of key words should immediately precede the text. 

(3) Please use section headings in bold type

(4) References should come with the links to the sources

(5) Please add images, sound and video files only if you have permission to use it. Please include a link to the image or other rich media content directly in the text. 

(6) Please name your file with your name and the name of the article. 

Once you submit the paper, an acknowledgement will be sent indicating that the paper has been received. If you haven’t received anything within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. If we accept the article, we will reply to you with the link to the published article. If there is a need for any corrections or clarifications, we will contact you before publishing the article. If you submit a draft, we will be in touch within a reasonable time.