Yva.ai collects information about the users and their activities in Zoom. For us it is important to understand several points:

  • when was the meeting,
  • for how long did the meeting last,
  • who participated in the meeting.

For this purpose Yva has to have an access to Scopes:

  • account:read:admin
  • report:read:admin
  • user:read:admin

Account and User Scopes are required to match the emails of participants of the meetings with the structure provided by the client. This is valid for each of the sources.

zoom_users Report Scope is required to count our metrics, such as Digital Week Length, Digital activity start and end time, Digital workday length.

These metrics are calculated based on all sources connected to the Yva platform.

For example, if the first activity of the user is a Zoom meeting at 9am, system will understand that and count Digital day start time based on that as the purpose of this metric is to track the beginning of the Digital day.

We will also use the duration of meetings to calculate Digital week length. This metric is calculated as the sum of non-intersecting time intervals of user's activities. In this case each meeting will add its duration to the value of the metric.