Get burnout metrics of groups

There are two methods to get burnout metrics of groups in API:

To use these methods you will need to specify the start date (sould be Sunday) and the end date (should be Saturday). 

Both methods allow to get metrics for the each week of the period such as:

  • Passive health index of group,
  • Number and % of employess in each burnout stage. defines 4 burnout stages:

  • Green or without burnout signs,
  • Yellow or with early burnout signs,
  • Red or with late burnout signs,
  • Not enough data.

Calculation of metrics

Passive health index of group

Passive health index of group is calculated as follows:

100*(% of employees without burnout signs - % of employees with late burnout signs + 100%)/2

Index is calculated on the end-date of the last ended week of the period. Index does not include employees, for whom there is not enough data.