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Encryption of data

Yva.ai processes user data in such a way that as a result, only a part of the metadata that is necessary for the platform to work is saved. In doing so, the textual content is processed using a vectorized representation transformation (patent pending) which does not allow the original content to be obtained after processing.

For the SaaS solution Yva.ai logically segments the data from each tenant so that it can only be used by that tenant. For the On-premise solution the data is stored on the tenant's server thus keeping it inside the organization with exclusive access to it.

Text and images vectorization

  • According to the algorithm shown in the diagram below, the system gets access to the original document in text form. The Encoder is used to convert text to vector form.
  • Based on the content of the vector, the hashing function is used to get the starting number for initiating a pseudo-random sequence.
  • For each component of the vector, the following actions are performed: in the context of the initiated sequence, a number from the normal distribution is sampled with a center at zero and a variation equal to the calibrated value of A.
  • The new component becomes the sum of the original value and the resulting numeric value.
  • The obtained vector is the desired form of text representation.
  • The original text is deleted without the possibility of restoration.

Maintaining the awareness and compliance

Within the ISMS, the following roles are assigned to the Company's employees to maintain the compliance with security policies, procedures, and standards for each employee in the organization:

  • ISMS Owner,
  • IS Manager,
  • IT Manager,
  • Business Continuity Manager.




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