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Data privacy

Privacy notice

The privacy notice is provided to the end-user and the data subject in clear and plain language about privacy policies and procedures related to client scoped data:

Yva.ai Privacy Statement for Self-hosted Solutions

Yva.ai Privacy Policy for Cloud Services

Privacy data collection

For self-hosted deployments personal data is collected by the Client directly from the end-user / the data subject. 

For public cloud deployment the personal data is collected by Yva.ai directly from the end-user / the data subject on behalf of the client.

Procedures to enable individuals to view, access, correct, amend, or delete information

Individuals can send their inquiries related to data processing activities (including those related to correction of inaccurate information) via email address support@yva.ai. All inquiries are registered and tracked in the internal ticket system and considered in coordination with the Customer in accordance with internal procedures and Terms of Service (DPA).

Terms of service, license agreement and support policy

Yva.ai License Agreement for Self-hosted Solutions

Yva.ai Terms of Service for Cloud Services 

Yva.ai Technical Support Policy