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3 Months Free Pilot 


Yva.ai is a Smart 360 Feedback and Employee Development solution that detects employee burnouts, develops natural leadership based on relationship analytics and 60-second weekly touch points.

8 minutes to start using Yva Cloud Services: 
(for Self-hosted Solutions see instructions)


Step 1: Download Yva Quick Guide (1 min)
Step 2: Connect G-Suite or MS Office 365 (1 min)

Step 3: Invite your team members (6 min)

What will I get?

RETENTION. Yva will automatically identify the burned out groups and units in your organization and the reasons of frustration, which will help you to fix the problems and decrease regrettable attrition significantly
NATURAL LEADERS. Yva will automatically identify informal leaders. Did  you know that 3% of your company population which controls 80% of all employees? Yva will identify them automatically. It will allow you to focus your efforts on those people and improve your corporate performance, culture and transformation processes.  
SMART 360. Employees dislike traditional annual 360 reviews. They are hours-long and too infrequent. Yva will help your current annual 360 with a weekly 60-second 360 feedbacks which employees love. Because Yva “knows” who should be asked about who and when.

What hypothesis can I test?


  • What are the top 3 problems which drive the burnout in the most problematic groups? 
  • Who are the top 3 managers whose teams have the highest burnout levels?
  • If the manager has higher managers-NPS, are his/her reports are less burned out
  • Can I measure my transformation decisions by analyzing employee happiness?
  • Is it true I can decrease the regrettable attrition for 20%
  • Is it true I can predict resignations 6 months in advance?


    • Can I identify which 3% of informal leaders are followed by 80% of my company?
    • Is it true that less than 60% of my formal leaders belong to the informal leaders group?
    • Is it true that the teams where the formal leader belongs to the informal leaders group are more efficient?

    SMART 360 hypothesis
  • Is it true that most of the employees would prefer weekly 60-second weekly feedback instead of 2 hour annual feedback?
  • Is it true that employees will self-coach and self-improve based on weekly 360 feedback?
  • Is it true that an intelligent system can better select 360 participants than either HR or the employee him/her self?

How will I address concerns about the privacy?

Yva respects employee privacy. It’s the Employee who controls Yva data:


1. Each employee decides whether or not to give Yva rights to analyze his/her passive data. Most employees are interested in passive data analytics since they get their personal dashboards which help them to improve.

2. Each employee decides whether or not to share those anonymized dashboards with the company and managers. It’s ok not to share. However, most employees are ready to share aggregated anonymized data with the company to help company to become a better place to work.


  • Yva does not analyze the content of emails (without the employee permission).
  • Yva private cloud resides behind the corporate firewall and 100% isolated from the internet.
  • Yva is GDPR compliant.

Is the pilot free?

  • Yes, if you have received a formal proposal from Yva confirming you are qualified for a FREE Pilot Deployment. Typically you will get a 3 month FREE license for all 3 solutions: Retention, Informal Leadership and Smart 360 (unless otherwise specified in the formal proposal).
  • The Self-hosted Deployment might be free or paid depending on the amount of employees connected, collaboration tools, and whether you have chosen a private or public cloud (please refer to your formal proposal form Yva).


What are the legal terms?


Yva.ai Security and Compliance Overview


Security and trust page


What corporate collaboration tools can we connect?

  • Office 365
  • G-Suite
  • MS Teams
  • Slack
  • Jira
  • IBM Notes
  • other sources


How long does it take to get results?

Day # Task Who is in charge
Day 1

Step 1: You have created your free Yva account.

Step 2: You have connected the sources (G-Suite, Office 365, Slack, etc.)


Your company  system administrator

Step 3: You have invited your employees to Active and Passive Feedback. 


See sample Introductory email to employees

Your company CHRO/CEO
Day 1-5 (may take more time depending on amount  of data) Yva.ai analyzes the 12-18 months historical data

Yva.ai Platform

Day 5

Burnout Dashboards are up and running

Yva.ai Platform
Day 2-90 Employee micro-surveys (active feedback) Dashboards are up and running Yva.ai Platform



What metadata is used to build the model?

  • Who sends the message
  • Who receives the message
  • The Graph of recipients (hierarchy structure, internal/external recipients, etc.)
  • Time gap between reply or if reply
  • Structure of morning messages
  • Structure of daytime messages
  • Structure of evening messages
  • Structure of weekday messages
  • Structure of weekend messages
  • Some other non-content related metadata


With the default deployment Yva analyzes metadata only and does read the message content including the subject line.

For advanced clients, Yva can be allowed to analyze the content for advance features, say informal leadership analytics, employee-manager fit, customer experience (CX).