Yva Design Partnership Program


By paying the Invoice which specifies your participation in the Design Partnership Program you, the Customer (or the “Design Partner”) agree to join the program below.

With participation in this program, the Design Partner will receive:

  • the opportunity to use Yva.ai for free during the term of this program;
  • the opportunity to provide feedback about the new functions and influence the product development roadmap;
  • the opportunity to get in-depth consultations in the field of Continuous Listening, People Analytics, Employee Engagement, Performance Management.

The Design Partner agrees to the following:

  • to participate in product review sessions with Yva.ai, Inc. professionals at least one time per month;
  • to provide quotes and/or video interviews on positive and negative experiences with Yva.ai and grant the right to use these materials in marketing of Yva.ai.

The terms of the Design Partnership Program:

  • Duration: 3 months after the implementation of Yva.ai platform.
  • If, after the expiration of the program, the Design Partner decides to stop using the Yva.ai platform, the Design Partner must notify Yva.ai no later than in 10 business days after expiration, and Yva.ai, Inc. will return the full amount from the Invoice paid to the Design Partner.
  • In the event that Yva.ai, inc. does not receive notification of the termination of use in 10 business days after expiration of the Design Partnership Program, the amount paid is counted towards the payment of the annual license.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

  • All intellectual property of the Yva.ai employee experience and performance platform belongs to Yva.ai, Inc.
  • All intellectual property which appears in the process of Design Partnership cooperation with Yva.ai, any suggestions, ideas, feedback, any and all, technical information, know-how, data, designs, diagrams, plans, specifications, structures, source code, computer codes, documents, ideas, concepts, products, processes, prototypes, formulas, works in process, systems, technologies, research, inventions, discoveries, patent applications, manufacturing or marketing techniques, business or financial information, survey results and other intellectual properties become the sole property of Yva.ai, Inc.
  • Design Partnership agrees to treat the intellectual property which appears in the process of Design Partnership cooperation with Yva.ai as confidential.