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Yva.ai was named among the top 8 best AI-based business applications by Memory.ai

Sep 24, 2020 6:40:55 AM / by David Yang

It is more convenient to run a business along with AI. This is why the SaaS sphere is experiencing a real boom in business applications based on artificial intelligence.


In August, the Memory Blog published an overview of the eight best AI applications for business. Yva.ai is one of them, along with applications for meeting planning, knowledge sharing, mail optimization, contract analysis and cloud content management.


Yva.ai proved to be the most "human" tool because it knows how to assess engagement, activity and burnout, finds informal leaders and understands when people need help.


Yva.ai helps managers and HR specialists engage every employee, improve the environment in the company and, as a result, increase team productivity.


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Written by David Yang