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Yva.ai is recognized as one of the world advanced People Analytics tools

Nov 16, 2020 2:02:15 AM / by Yva.ai

David Green, a leading HR-analyst, VP and Managing Director of Insight 222, has published a review of the 20 most powerful HR analytics articles of the month. 


One of the reviewed authors, Co-Founder and CEO of Cassiopeia Tech, Shiran Yaroslavsky, has identified 4 categories of future tools that enable companies to successfully survive the successful remote work experiment in history. 


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Yva.ai, the AI-driven platform, got into 2 of the 4 categories of tools: Employee Engagement and Collaboration & Wellbeing. 


According to a Buffer report, 66% of telecommuters experience stress caused by loneliness, work-life imbalances and troubled collaboration. 


At the same time, the world's largest teams like Twitter, Square, Facebook and Quora announced the transition of the entire company to remote work at least until the end of the year 2020. 


Leaders and employees feel confused and HRs have a unique opportunity to help companies invest in talent, leadership and Employee Experience.


In her research S. Yaroslavsky described the new analytics tools for the future and grouped them into 4 different categories:


  • Employee Engagement,
  • Productivity,
  • Collaboration and Mental Health,
  • Employee Experience & Workforce Planning.


Each tool aims to move away from prejudgment and subjectivity. You can no longer make decisions based on “What I think and see”. Leaders no longer see employees, and the transparency of team work without specialized HR analytics tools has been and will further be destroyed.


Only objective data can help companies detect trends, anticipate problems and prevent them long before an undesirable event such as firing of a key employee occurs. 


On the diagram Yva.ai is at the intersection of two categories of future analytics: employee engagement and collaboration and well-being. 


It means that the world's leading experts have already noticed the ability of Yva.ai to analyze the experience of employees and at the same time monitor their level of satisfaction and engagement. 


Does your company already use engagement measurement and team performance management tools? 


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Written by Yva.ai