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Yva.ai Inc. is ISO 27001:2013 certified

Sep 28, 2020 6:35:37 AM / by David Yang

Santa Clara, CA, September 25, 2020 

The Yva.ai team is proud to announce that we are officially certified to the international standard for information security management system ISO / IEC 27001:2013. This means that Yva.ai AI-driven real time employee experience (EX) and collaboration analytics platform and the company's internal processes in the field of information security fully comply with recognized international standards. And what does this mean for users, in practice?

Yva.ai applies a systematic approach to information security risk management.


The process is divided into the following stages:


  • definition of the domain of data operation,
  • inventory of physical and logical information assets (servers, data warehouses, etc.),
  • threat identification and risk assessment for information assets,
  • selection of protection and safety equipment,
  • creation of tools to eliminate remaining risks, etc.


And all this is rounded off by the process of continuous improvement of the information security management system, both inside and outside the сompany.


Yva.ai minimises the risks of attacks by protecting survey results, reports and other data using a strong encryption method.


Yva.ai has modernised its architecture and released version 3.0, in which the data security level has been brought to a new level, previously unattainable for cloud-based analysis solutions.


Yva.ai conducts regular audits of contractors and imposes the same information security requirements on contractor employees as on its own employees.


Yva.ai prevents the threat of viruses and phishing attacks: together with Sophos, we use artificial intelligence technology to protect all staff and non-staff members.


The protection level of Yva.ai is assessed by an independent expert. Each year, Yva.ai will confirm compliance with the standards through an independent certification audit, proving that the clients' data are fully protected against unauthorized access or hacking, both in the cloud and on-premise.


"We have worked long and hard for Yva.ai to obtain the ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certificate. We know how important this is for our customers. But it is first and foremost important for us to use our data ethically and at the same time protect it from any threats. That is why we are developing the analytical functionality and information security of Yva.ai in parallel," comments David Yang, co-founder of Yva.ai.


In the era when information is a key asset, continuous improvement of data protection, regular audits of algorithms and independent assessment of information security are the norm. 


We are convinced that employee experience (EX) and collaboration analysis tools must be safe, and we are ready to further ensure Yva.ai compliance with international information security management standards.




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Written by David Yang