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Yva.ai Ranked in the TOP 10 AI-Solutions by Find New AI

Jan 29, 2021 3:03:51 AM / by Yva.ai

On January 11, 2021, Find New AI published a review of the top 10 AI-tools for developing collaboration in the company and increasing the efficiency of teams in 2021. 


The Yva.ai platform is included in the list of AI Team Software tools that are best suited for streamlining daily tasks, achieving high results and focusing on improving teamwork. 


“The best team software uses artificial intelligence to make your group work more efficiently. In this guide, we go through the best tools to manage your team and collaborate better” reported in the Find New AI review.


Yva.ai ranked in the Top 10 AI Solutions alongside Wrike, ClickUp, Otter AI, Timely, Todoist, Bit.ai and more, and we are really excited!


About Find New AI


Find New AI is a group of dedicated AI enthusiasts who keep in touch with the latest information on intelligent tools that make your business or personal life easier. 


Yva.ai Review by Find New AI


Yva is an AI-driven People Analytics and performance management system. This team software tool allows businesses to increase their performance and sell more. It helps them understand, motivate, and develop their employees.


Yva.ai uses the power of artificial intelligence to boost corporate health and performance while ensuring the individual happiness of employees. You can use Yva to scan your remote organization, understand the issues and re-engage your people.


Big names like Foxit, ABBYY, MTC, VISIER, OSOFT, GVA, Trace, Ability, and Ato Events use Yva to increase their performance and motivate their employees.


Written by Yva.ai