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The third-generation Yva.ai’s neural network learns to identify informal leaders

Oct 6, 2020 11:57:51 AM / by Yva.ai

Yva.AI Inc. presents a new model of AI that, for the first time, assesses employee influence and identifies informal leaders and growth opportunities for companies after switching to remote work.

Santa Clara, California, USA, October 6, 2020. Yva.AI Inc. announces the release of the third generation of its employee experience and business efficiency management platform. The official presentation of Yva.ai 3.0 will take place at the leading international conference People Analytics & Future of Work - PAFOW Global 2020.

Yva.ai is an AI-based collaboration analytics platform for managing employee experience and leadership in real-time.

Unlike traditional survey systems, Yva.ai combines surveys with collaboration analytics in MS Office 365, MS Teams, G Suite, Slack, Jira, GitHub and other corporate systems.

Yva.ai combines analysis of employees’ digital interactions in corporate sources with 60-second micro-surveys to generate recommendations, dashboards and reports that enable managers to make objective decisions.

Now, Yva.ai 3.0 also offers leadership evaluation.

The previous generation Yva.ai was capable of measuring in real-time 3 aspects, 11 drivers and over 40 metrics related to employee wellbeing, engagement and satisfaction, as well as burnout, stress level and conflict level.

On top of this, the new version also evaluates 2 aspects, 5 styles and 31 metrics related to leadership. In total, Yva.ai 3.0 measures more than 100 metrics, which allow companies to improve their performance.

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“We are honored to present Yva.ai 3.0 at PAFOW Global, the world's leading conference for People Analytics and HR technologies. PAFOW brings together advanced solutions to improve the efficiency of enterprises and helps organizations around the world manage human capital,” comments David Yang, co-founder and CEO of Yva.AI Inc.

“We’re super excited that Yva.ai Inc. has chosen PAFOW Global to announce the official release of the third version of the system. The world has changed, and the introduction of the updated Yva.ai 3.0 - an ethical system for managing leadership and employee experience - is a good fit,” says Al Adamsen, Founder & CEO of the People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) Community.


In a changing work environment, companies must be extra attentive to the wellbeing and productivity of their teams. This is illustrated by ONA data, which shows mixed dynamics in the numerical indicators of the working day.

According to Yva.ai data, during lockdown for 12% of employees of North American and European companies the "digital workday" increased to 12 hours a day. At the same time, 31% of employees began to work 1.1 hours less than before the pandemic. (Data averaged for all employees and normalized for typical seasonal changes).


“When the pandemic started, we feared that remote teams would work around the clock. But the figures show that, in reality, some employees work less, others work more. And both behaviors require managers' attention. Consistent overtime of committed employees signals inevitable burnout in the near future. We've developed AI technology to help managers assess these signs and identify strong leaders who are able to work actively in the era of change,” comments Marta Leman, Head of Revenues of Yva.AI Inc.

“Two million dollars per year. This is what an organization of 1,000 people loses due to employee burnout and unwanted turnover. Previously, employee engagement was measured with a huge delay - mostly through annual surveys. During the pandemic, companies need to embrace a continuous employee listening approach. We have developed artificial intelligence technology that shows employee engagement in real-time and makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the company by developing leadership skills in teams,” says David Yang, co-founder and CEO of Yva.AI Inc.


Written by Yva.ai