Females over 55 are more susceptible to burnout

Dec 18, 2019 8:58:22 AM / by Anna posted in Addressing burnout


Quite the contrary, males are at highest risk of burnout in the beginning of the career 

There is a mounting body of work researching the link between gender and stress, and it is well-documented that men and women are differentially exposed to work stressors. Also, they are affected in different ways, with a toll being higher for female employees. However, until now the relationship between age and gender and burnout remained unknown. 

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What is representation burnout

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The perils of being the only one person with a particular background at job 

Thanks to advancements in the diversity and inclusion policies, adopted now by many companies and public organizations alike, there are people from different backgrounds joining the workforce. But sometimes being the first person with a particular background means being the only one, which can turn out to be rather stressful experience. 

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There are three types of burnout

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And each has a matching coping strategy 

Burnout, an occupational syndrome according to the WHO, has traditionally been described as a rather uniform disorder with typical signs being exhaustion, cynicism and professional inefficacy. However, it is possible to distinguish three types of burnout, closely linked to each of these signs. Each of the types has associated coping strategies. 

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Employee Burnout Is a Problem with the Company, Not the Person

Nov 16, 2019 11:05:13 AM / by Anna posted in Addressing burnout, Team management, Workplace stress


Despite being a costly problem for employees and companies alike, burnout is still perceived as a personal issue or an indicator of incompetence and being unfit for the job. Rather, it is a challenge that needs to be tackled from an organizational level. Harvard Business Review looked into companies with high burnout rates and identified three common culprits of burnout as excessive collaboration, weak time management disciplines, and a tendency to overload the most capable with too much work

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A practical guide on fighting workplace stress

Nov 15, 2019 5:36:23 AM / by Anna posted in Addressing burnout, Team management

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15 easy tips that managers can implement to improve the wellbeing of their teams 

Burnout rarely has one cause, it usually results from a combination of issues. As a manager, you’ll need to get to the core of the issue and understand the reasons behind the stress. Remember, many stressors are within your power to correct or improve and they typically fall in broader categories such as unclear tasks and expectations, micromanagement or heavy workload.  

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