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People Analytics as a tool for prediction and prevention

Nov 25, 2019 5:05:29 AM / by Anna

As many HR managers mention inadequate technology among the main barriers to address attrition, raise of predictive People Analytics may solve the problem of employee retention for good 

Although measuring employees and their performance has always been around (think of Frederick Taylor timing workers tasks), People Analytics is a new research and practical discipline that examines company employee data to increase business
performance and the efficiency and welfare of each and every employee. The emergence of People Analytics is due to the phenomenal increase of computing power, essential to capture the complexity of human behaviour.

The use of predictive People Analytics allows managers to use to identify best practices, track problems within their team, and improve the engagement and satisfaction of employees based on objective real-time information rather than intuition. 

David Yang, the founder of Yva.ai, explains the advantages of the latest generation of People Analytics and how AI can help you prevent burnout and retain talents.  



Source: Conversations in Artificial Intelligence youtube channel 


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Written by Anna