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Most Organisations are Unaware of the Skills Residing within Their Employee Population

Dec 3, 2020 9:44:12 AM / by Yva.ai

But this data can be used by companies for recruitment, onboarding, adaptation, development, employees’ career growth, identification of talents, change management and  a lot of other areas.


Employee Skill Data can become a new business currency. This conclusion was reached by Adam McKinnon & Mikaël Wornoo from Insight222 in “my HR future” blog.


Their point raises two simple questions.


  • How do we acquire our employees’ relevant skill data? 
  • What practical value can we then generate from this wealth of information? 


During 2020 the employee skill data has been keeping on the alert for tech-savvy vendors, People Analytics specialists, Chief HR Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Talent Managers, etc.


Learn more about how to aggregate enough quality data to get a relevant and useful employee skills catalogue of your organisation.


Read an article “The Value of Measuring Employee Skill Data” in “my HR future” blog, Nov 25th 2020.


Written by Yva.ai