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Josh Bersin Named Yva.ai As a Key Trend for 2022

Feb 13, 2022 11:52:41 PM / by Anna

Josh Bersin — Analyst and Global Talent & HR Opinion Leader — has released his HR Outlook 2022. He identified 15 key trends that HR must take into account at work, or risk their companies continuing to flail blindly in a vacuum.


Digital opportunities are changing the way companies adapt, learn, and meet. Is there any way to prepare for these changes? According to Bersin, it's time to learn how to use more than just basic HR technologies; it’s time to learn to manage teams using the data obtained with AI tools. What can HR and the company expect from 2022? Read the new post by Yva.ai.


It's Time for Companies to Rebuild HR Technology


Josh Bersin identifies 15 trends in his 2022 forecast, including:


  • the development of staff skills and abilities is non-negotiable, 
  • hybrid operations will develop, 
  • the economy will grow but with a limited workforce.


The key trend that will have an impact in 2022 is the application of HR technologies to solving employee problems. Josh Bersin named Yva.ai as one of the leading tools for implementing a continuous feedback process, improving the employee experience, and building a business strategy based on facts. 


Every study The Josh Bersin Company has done in the past year, from business resilience to employee experience, has come to the same conclusion: listening to employees is one of the most valuable management practices there is.


Separation of HR technologies by tasks


Josh Bersin breaks down the purpose of HR technology into four layers. The light blue layer includes "creator tools" which are technologies that help HR create, design, and build what employees need: well-being programs, employee paths, career, and training.


This is the core of HR. Initially, these systems were not designed to work with "intelligent" data and were not designed for teams. They were tools for training management, and for payroll and staff management.


HR technology | Blog Yva.ai


The dark blue layer includes new tools for onboarding, development, and improving the employee experience. For example, these are instruments such as Qualtrics, Medallia,

Glint, Peakon, and other survey systems. 


Today we are moving into the green layer. This niche is formed by start-up companies. It includes the talent market, skills, skill mechanism taxonomy, and intelligent chatbots. 


These products use data generated by AI. Josh Bersin mentions the Yva.ai platform here, along with Mya and Paradox, and believes that these tools provide completely different, and better, opportunities for HR.


The red layer includes automated staff management systems and talent transactions.


What has 2021 taught us and how can we develop in 2022? 


Companies have become more agile and people-centric There is a greater focus on employee well-being and engagement. Employees now have greater autonomy, and new and more interesting tasks.


Business has been changed by the digital transformation. Now many tasks can be done faster than before which frees up time for better solutions.


If you are still interviewing employees manually or haven’t yet adopted a continuous listening strategy, now is the time to do so. Yva.ai is a solution that can help you with this.


Trust, the most valuable element of the employee experience, is built around your ability to listen. This shift in technology will be important in the coming year, concludes Josh Bersin in describing HR technology trends.


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Written by Anna