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Insight #15: People Analytics Learned from Amazon’s Super Bowl Commercial

Feb 5, 2020 3:20:52 PM / by David Yang

I used Amazon’s Super Bowl ad methods and found 38% more burnout in women.

The results are in. Amazon produced the top commercial featuring the humanization of Alexa. 

As a scientist, this victory is not surprising to me. It reminded me that we use the exact same methods at Yva.ai to help companies decide “who to give a hug to”.

Amazon knows details about the super bowl audience that other brands do not. They also are able to see online digital behavior just before and after exposure to the ad, which tells them if it worked. How Amazon's ads performed digitally
Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 2.58.18 PM
When deploying Amazon’s methods for our people analytics use cases, one client got these results for job function, where RED = employee is 81% likely to resign.


Here is the change over time. The cause? They promoted the wrong leader in Feb. 2019.


Nobody has unlimited resources to prevent attrition. If you use Amazon’s approach to marketing, you can spend your resources on the people that actually need help.

Tags: Attrition, Employee Wellbeing, Workplace stress

Written by David Yang