8 Key Takeaways of HR.com about Talent Management and Employee Engagement

Apr 27, 2021 5:49:27 AM / by Yva.ai


For years, some experts were defending improving the quality of an organization’s talents as a reliable method to obtain a competitive advantage. 

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Is Predictive Analytics a New HR Superpower?

Feb 12, 2021 5:59:56 AM / by Yva.ai


10 years ago in most companies the functions of HR analytics were reduced to providing operational reports. Specialists were mainly engaged in measuring the costs of hiring and training staff, contributing the growth of business value more or less.


But since 2011, the market has been shifting: about 5 % of the market's leading companies, including Google, Sysco, Best Buy and Starbucks1 have invested in predictive or behavioral People Analytics technologies.


So, by 2020 the Human Resources market has formed a steady trend of implementing Predictive Analytics for making business decisions based on objective measurement and big data.


Who should we hire? How much should we pay to employees? Which employees are prone to burnout? How can we prevent staff fraud or unwanted outflow? 


How does estimating and predicting of the Human Factor in business allow you to increase customer satisfaction and retention?


Find the answers out in a new Yva.ai article.

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Yva.ai Ranked in the TOP 10 AI-Solutions by Find New AI

Jan 29, 2021 3:03:51 AM / by Yva.ai


On January 11, 2021, Find New AI published a review of the top 10 AI-tools for developing collaboration in the company and increasing the efficiency of teams in 2021. 


The Yva.ai platform is included in the list of AI Team Software tools that are best suited for streamlining daily tasks, achieving high results and focusing on improving teamwork. 


“The best team software uses artificial intelligence to make your group work more efficiently. In this guide, we go through the best tools to manage your team and collaborate better” reported in the Find New AI review.


Yva.ai ranked in the Top 10 AI Solutions alongside Wrike, ClickUp, Otter AI, Timely, Todoist, Bit.ai and more, and we are really excited!

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Human Wellbeing: is Care for Employee Wellbeing a Real HR Trend?

Jan 25, 2021 4:35:18 AM / by Yva.ai


In a 2016 The Awesome Office Show released a podcast interview1 How Optimism Turns 200 Bucks into $100 Million with Life is Good co-founder Burt Jacobs. Burt noted that focusing on things like optimism and employee's wellbeing is an underappreciated source of financial performance for organizations.

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5 leadership styles will save the company in 2021

Jan 20, 2021 2:29:57 AM / by Yva.ai


In 1985 the board of directors of the legendary Apple company decided that the corporation no longer needs the uncompromising and eccentric founder Steven Jobs. Although new heads of company John Sculley and Michael Spindler were strong and talented managers, Apple lost its leading state and slided down in 12 years.


Just the radical changes saved Apple from ultimately leaving the market. So Apple returned Steve Jobs and invited Tim Cook – a calm and balanced “tech guru with a smooth voice". This tandem took the business to unattainable heights for competitors and made Apple the most expensive company in history.


Why have strong leaders failed? And why have Jobs and Cook managed to get Apple off its knees? Read the new Yva.ai article.

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People Analytics Technologies Overall Market Estimated by RedThread at $2 billion

Dec 10, 2020 5:42:25 AM / by Yva.ai


In 2021 People Analytics teams and their technology has a unique opportunity to prove itself. Co-founder & Principal Analyst of RedThread Research Stacia Garr and RedThread Research Lead Priyanka Mehrotra came to this conclusion in “People Analytics Tech 2020 Overview”.


As a result, they have summarized the Study overview in a Tech Market Solution Matrix. AI-driven real-time employee experience and performance platform Yva.ai has gotten into the upper right quadrant, with almost 40 Guiding Analytics technologies.

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Most Organisations are Unaware of the Skills Residing within Their Employee Population

Dec 3, 2020 9:44:12 AM / by Yva.ai


But this data can be used by companies for recruitment, onboarding, adaptation, development, employees’ career growth, identification of talents, change management and  a lot of other areas.


Employee Skill Data can become a new business currency. This conclusion was reached by Adam McKinnon & Mikaël Wornoo from Insight222 in “my HR future” blog.

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Visier Explains How ONA and AI-Powered HR Analytics Help Fight Employee Burnout

Nov 25, 2020 12:34:53 AM / by Yva.ai


By the end of 2020 the international leader in People Analytics technologies Visier has prepared an eBook of expert research and interviews with innovation leaders in HR and Future of Work. In the interview for Visier PhD, founder of Yva.ai David Yang shared how Organizational Networking and Behavioral HR Analytics can help companies fight burnout and weather the crisis.

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Yva.ai is recognized as one of the world advanced People Analytics tools

Nov 16, 2020 2:02:15 AM / by Yva.ai


David Green, a leading HR-analyst, VP and Managing Director of Insight 222, has published a review of the 20 most powerful HR analytics articles of the month. 

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The third-generation Yva.ai’s neural network learns to identify informal leaders

Oct 6, 2020 11:57:51 AM / by Yva.ai


Yva.AI Inc. presents a new model of AI that, for the first time, assesses employee influence and identifies informal leaders and growth opportunities for companies after switching to remote work.

Santa Clara, California, USA, October 6, 2020. Yva.AI Inc. announces the release of the third generation of its employee experience and business efficiency management platform. The official presentation of Yva.ai 3.0 will take place at the leading international conference People Analytics & Future of Work - PAFOW Global 2020.

Yva.ai is an AI-based collaboration analytics platform for managing employee experience and leadership in real-time.

Unlike traditional survey systems, Yva.ai combines surveys with collaboration analytics in MS Office 365, MS Teams, G Suite, Slack, Jira, GitHub and other corporate systems.

Yva.ai combines analysis of employees’ digital interactions in corporate sources with 60-second micro-surveys to generate recommendations, dashboards and reports that enable managers to make objective decisions.

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