Yva.ai an AI-driven real-time employee experience and performance platform

Now your team members can coach each other all year with 60-second micro-surveys. Because Yva "knows" whom to ask about who.


Improve well-being of your remote team

On average 32% of employees are in the late stage of burnout. Yva’s ML analytics allows you to identify the Red Zone, understand the issues and re-engage your people.




Find your informal leaders

84% of your business is driven by informal leaders. Do you know who they are? Are they happy? Are they enabled and empowered? Identify them with Yva Smart ONA and put them in charge to boost your performance and growth.

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Managing a remote team? You need a Smart Survey System
Smart Surveys

Smart 360

weekly micro-surveys

Collaboration Analytics


Employee Stress Heatmaps: improve your remote team well-being

Scan your remote organization, understand the issues and re-engage your people.

Yva auto-generates a weekly Company Heatmap with Burnout indices and recommendations for action. Each employee decides whether to share their burnout indexes with their managers or peers.


Yva Retention and Engagement

Those employees are thinking about resigning
Here are the areas of burnout you could address


Continuous Employee Experience: manage your distributed team

Twice-yearly engagement surveys are insufficient. Build an employee-centric culture with next-generation active+passive continuous feedback.

Yva collects feedback from each employee not only by asking questions but also through anonymized, opt-in collaboration analytics to identify best practices and areas for improvement.


Yva Retention and Engagement

We introduced a new initiative 2 months ago
We see positive impact on employee engagement


Smart 360:develop the remote employees' skills

Based on digital collaboration patterns, Yva "knows" who should be asked about whom. We call this Smart 360 feedback. It makes 360 scalable, accurate and real time.

Each employee and manager receives personal dashboards and recommendations that allow them to achieve more in their career and professional development.


Yva Leadership & smart 360

We see positive impact on employee engagement
My teammates coach me to improve
Am I micromanaging?


Smart ONA: detect your informal leaders to drive your remote workforce

The Smart ONA helps executives find informal leaders and influencers to lead cross-functional collaboration, agile transformation and customer-focused experience. By mapping an informal organizational network you can check the impact on different scenarios and control all stages of transformation: before, during and after.


Yva Corporate Transformation and Agility

This is an Informal Leader
The Product Management Team should be better connected to the Customer
This is an Isolated Silo Team

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Already using a survey system?

Integration with Yva.ai makes it objective and real-time. Integrating your current survey system with Yva.ai’s Collaboration Analytics (Passive Feedback) yields entirely new survey groups: Red Zone employees, Informal leaders, Informal work groups. Schedule a call for more details.

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Ethics and security are our #1 priority

Opt-in & Anonymous

By default, Yva.ai anonymizes all employee activity and feedback by aggregating data for groups of a minimum of 5 employees at a time.

No content analytics

By default, Yva.ai neither stores nor analyzes message content, thereby protecting individual privacy.

No personal sources

Yva never analyzes personal data sources like personal email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


With self-hosted cloud or on-premises installation, all data resides within the client's network perimeter.


Yva is secure, ethical and 100% GDPR-compliant.

Why Yva.ai is different from other solutions
  Other solutions: Yva.ai: Benefits:
Smart Feedback No Collaboration Analytics (Surveys only) Surveys + Collaboration Analytics

Building an employee-centric organization starts with understanding, listening and care.

Continuous. Not once or twice a year. Objective. Not relying on gut feeling and rumor.

That’s why it is so important to allow employees to share both Surveys and Collaboration feedback. Anonymously and with their opt-in consent.

Bottom-up, self-learning organization HR and Executives must take actions to develop employees Everyone takes action to develop themselves and their teams

“I don’t need continuous feedback since I can’t conduct continuous organizational changes.”

That’s what we hear from many HR and Executives, and that’s why designed Yva.ai to empower each employee and each manager to improve and coach their peers. A bottom-up approach makes your growth scalable.

Burnout Detection No Burnout Detection Burnout Detection based on ML and collaboration patterns Your employees must know if they are approaching the Red Zone. They should also know there are 8 ways to overcome burnout instead of switching jobs. Give them a hug before it’s too late.
Smart 360 Managers have to think about who provides feedback about whom Yva knows who works with whom

Thanks to collaboration analytics your employees now have weekly 60-second micro-surveys instead of less-effective lengthy annual surveys.

Employees HATE annual 360. Employees LOVE weekly 60-sec Smart 360!

Smart ONA No Organizational Network Analytics (ONA) Active + passive ONA. Now your executives know who the most influential managers and employees in your team are, based both on collaboration analytics and social capital surveys. This helps you manage changes and improve agility.




Mel Willis

National HR

"We are a PEO company that committed to helping our clients become more effective at doing their business. That's why we decided to offer Yva system to our clients. It is incredible tool that automatically analyzes millions of corporate emails and provides intelligent insights."


Wasim Khan

Head of Digital Solutions at Xerox and General Manager of Xerox DocuShare

"Things in the business world change in a matter of seconds today, and in times like this it is especially important for managers and leaders to be able to understand their employees on a deeper level, and this is where modern employee engagement software comes in."


Ron Lewin

Founder and Managing Director at TerraLink Technologies

"Businesses are moving very fast today. Managers have very limited time with their remote employees. Yva allows us to identify problems before they surface."

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