Welcome to the first online conversation with Yva.ai in 2021!

5 Ways to Increase Remote Wellbeing in 2021

The Wellbeing & Engagement of Remote Teams is king in 2021

Employee burnout and dropped engagement are the greatest employee problems that business leaders face in the beginning of 2021. Stress caused by remote work takes away actionable resources instigating unwanted staff turnover and more troubles.

In this conversation, Daniel Hoppe and David Yang, Ph.D., will discuss how to overcome the impact of expanded uncertainty and other challenges of 2021 on mental health, wellbeing, engagement, and performance of employees' workforce.


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Who is the Meeting For?

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Key Takeaways

  • What are the most serious threats to employee wellbeing?
  • Why is it critical to receive continuous feedback from your employees?
  • 5 ways to fight back the negative influence of remote realities
  • Remote measuring of engagement in real time: how to use it?
  • Launching your wellbeing and engagement strategy in 5 steps
  • Boost for the best: how to improve cross-functional communication in remote interaction?


david bw

David Yang, Ph.D.

  •  Co-founder Yva.ai
  •  Founder ABBYY
  •  Member of Band of Angels
  •  Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur specializes in AI
  •  "Technology Pioneer" by the World Economic Forum
  •  Author of multiple patents, publications and a book
  •  Started 9 companies, including ABBYY, world leader in OCR, NLP, AI, 1300 employees, 16 offices, 13 countries
Daniel bw

Daniel Hoppe

  • Moderator of the discussion
  • Expert in Remote Team Analytics Software
  • Consultant with Remote Teams
  • People Analytics Specialist